Parcel delivery: an update on ongoing disruptions linked to the Coronavirus/Covid–19

Coronavirus / Covid-19 still impacts the work in warehouses, sorting centres, transport and distribution of parcels. Find here the updated point on the various networks.

uring the Covid-19 crisis and since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, Cubyn pursues all its activities.

We have adapted our organization to effectively protect all our teams and deliver the best possible quality of service in this context. Despite the situation gradually returning to normal among the carriers and other logistics actors, some delays can still occur.

Parcel delivery

Cubyn warehouse and head office

Head Office: few delays are expected

    • ✅ Web app: OK - Full service

    • ❎ Customer Support: OK - Full service

    • ✅ Tech Support: OK - Full service

    • ✅ Account Management: OK - Full service

  • Cubyn warehouse:

    • ✅ Inbound orders: OK - Full service

    • ✅ Outbound orders: OK - Full service

    • ✅ Storage capacity: OK - Full service

Shipping networks status

Thanks to the combined use of several carriers for each delivery mode, we kept on covering areas inaccessible to some carriers during the crisis and succeeded in maintaining business continuity.

Nonetheless, the huge backlog in carriers networks is still a reality and might impact the delivery times:

  • ❎ Cubyn Standard FR: Full service but some delays may occur

  • ❎ Cubyn Express FR: Full service but some delays may occur

  • ✅ Cubyn Relay FR & INT: OK - Full service

  • ✅ Cubyn Standard INT: OK - Full service

  • ✅ Cubyn Express INT: OK - Full service

Conditions of deliver

  • ❌ Delivery time: No more guaranteed delivery time - No more refund for delays

  • ✅ Delivery signed on Standard or Express: OK - Full service.Yet, some carriers are not able to get a usual signature but will provide an alternative solution (PIN code, picture of a signature on the package, picture of the delivery etc.)

  • ❌ AdValorem Warranty on Standard: No more warranty on Standard

  • ✅ AdValorem Warranty on Express: OK - Full service with a €1 extra charge per parcel on Delivered not Received

  • ✅ AdValorem Warranty on Relay: OK - Full service

  • ✅ Returns: OK - Full Service

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