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Your frequently asked questions

Is there a registration fee?
No, Cubyn only charges fees for receiving and shipping your orders
Does Cubyn bill the cardboard boxes?
No, with cubyn, there is no cost per carton, regardless of the amount of cardboard needed.
In case of change (shipment type, number of orders, new products ..), is a new quote necessary?
No, Cubyn provides you with a free quote for your first use. The bill then automatically adjusts to your use of the service.
Do storage costs change according to storage modes (pallet, shelves, boxes)?
No, all your SKUs are weighed and measured and have a single storage cost, regardless of the storage mode
Do I have to pay for the integration of my e-commerce store?
Integration is free and assisted by our experts to make sure everything works properly.
Does Cubyn invoice packaging and stocking supplies?
No! Scotch, kraft paper, bubble wrap… Everything is handeled by Cubyn!

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