"Agility, reactivity and reliability"

"Agility, reactivity and reliability"

A few months after the launch of their partnership with Cubyn, the CEO of a dog and cat food brand gives us his testimony.

Can you introduce your company?

"We are a French premium dog and cat food brand, born in 2018. With my partner, we wanted to offer a brand with the most natural products possible and that do not contain any controversial ingredients.

The key word? "Simplicity", and that, right down to our labels: easy to read and understand, even for the uninitiated in animal nutrition! We are both sensitive to the animal cause and to the protection of the environment, that's why it was important to propose eco-responsible and biodegradable packaging. We also work with several associations and shelters: sending food donations, solidarity campaigns and awareness of adoption on social networks."

Why did you choose Cubyn as your partner?

"In logistics, the first criterion of choice is often the price, because expenses on this item can very quickly reach large amounts. We spent several months talking to all the players in the market, and Cubyn's offer was the most competitive. It was also the most transparent, with the least amount of hidden options / extras and taxes.

We were looking for a service provider we could trust and who could offer our teams, as well as our customers, a reliable and efficient technology. This saves time for our teams, and provides a very differentiating experience for our customers.

The last significant advantage is internationalization. Reduced shipping costs across Europe will allow us in the coming months to offer our products in more and more countries without sacrificing our margins."

What are the added values that Cubyn brings to your customers?

"Cubyn has allowed us to "premiumize" the delivery experience from order preparation to after-sales management in case of a delivery incident. Our customers have a common tracking page regardless of the carrier with a delivery date. And if their package is lost or if they face a preparation error, they get a response within 15 minutes 7 days a week. Finally, a delivery experience that matches our products! And thanks to Cubyn, we can now track and deliver to our customers anywhere in Europe."

How was your onboarding?

"We were accompanied from the day after the signature, on the operational part as well as on the IT integration part.

The Cubyn teams first organized a test delivery with us in order to understand our products and find the best solutions for storage and preparation. After that, we moved our entire stock to Cubyn in several phases spread over several months. The teams have always received our products on time, which is crucial to ensure continuity of operations during this transition. There were never any interruptions in our shipments, so there was no loss of revenue for us, which was really important when we started this change.

At the same time, Cubyn's Product teams worked with our Developers to integrate the new delivery modules into our site, especially within the checkout. 

Obviously, as in any transition, we faced some bugs and difficulties that we had not necessarily anticipated, but Cubyn was very accommodating to help us implement new processes. In particular, we recently launched a retail operation, and Cubyn applied the specifications of the brand to the letter: LIFO, labelling with use-by dates and batch numbers to enable traceability, etc. A real relief for our in-house teams who no longer have to deal with it."

How is your daily support from Cubyn?

"We are in daily contact by phone or email with Clémence, our Account Manager. We have always received very responsive responses from our various contacts, which clearly makes the difference with our previous experiences in terms of outsourcing our logistics. "

What do Cubyn's technology resources bring to you?

"Logistics is crucial for all DNVBs, and Cubyn's focus on data has allowed us to further optimize our supply chain through more accurate forecasting, thus generating real savings. Cubyn's tools have proven to be reliable and synchronized in real time, freeing up time for our Operations teams to focus on higher value-added tasks."

And finally: Cubyn in three words? 

"Agility, responsiveness and reliability!"

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