E-commerce delivery: a strong conversion lever

E-commerce delivery: a strong conversion lever

One out of two consumers say they have had problems receiving a package. In order to attract potential customers and build customer loyalty, it is essential to offer a smooth and hassle-free e-commerce delivery service. However, there is still room for improvement in this area: for example, 37 out of 100 merchants do not communicate a delivery date to their customers... What about you? Cubyn can help you to see more clearly and to determine your margin of progress in terms of delivery.

E-commerce delivery: are you meeting consumer expectations?

Consumers are looking for an efficient and optimal user experience, from the first click to the final delivery.

The price of e-commerce delivery is the major expectation

Delivery price is the number one criterion when it comes to delivery. 73% of French people say they look at the delivery price when deciding whether or not to have their order delivered. If the shipping costs are too high, they even tend to look elsewhere and go to a more attractive e-shop. 

Whether it's a deterrent or a convincing argument, shipping costs are an important lever at the time of purchase. Consumers are now looking for controlled delivery costs or even none at all, depending on the amount of their basket.

Speed of delivery: a promise that must be fulfilled

Consumers want to receive their product as quickly as possible. E-commerce delivery in 48 hours has now become a standard: 20% of e-buyers have used at least one express delivery service in the last three months.  It is a strong element of differentiation between e-merchants.

But to take advantage of this lever, here are two rules to respect:

  • Speed has a cost, but it is out of the question to increase delivery costs: e-merchants must find a balance between profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • The promise of a fast delivery is a nice showcase. But the announced deadlines must be met: 76% of consumers are attached to a delivery that complies with the announced date.

Trust and transparency: the post-purchase experience

Past experiences (or those of others) condition consumer behavior, and especially their loyalty. It is essential for e-merchants to focus on the post-purchase stage: the experience continues beyond the initial payment.

Our advice? Collect feedback from your customers on their delivery experience. This feedback will allow you to implement quick improvements to meet consumer expectations. To increase efficiency and take your business to the next level, team up with delivery experts who are reliable and offer quality services. Rely on verified customer reviews to choose the right partners!

The CSR approach: when e-commerce meets ecology

All fields of activity are concerned by environmental issues and must adapt. E-commerce delivery is no exception to this strong concern: 87% of French people are interested in a greener delivery method (Generix, 2019).

Fast and green delivery is becoming the double standard for consumers, who scrutinize e-retailers' CSR commitments. A major issue then emerges: how to align e-commerce and CSR commitments?

  • By choosing partners who are committed to reducing packaging, eliminating plastic and promoting green logistics.

  • By selecting solutions based on more ecological means of transport. The use of electric vehicles or last mile transport by bicycle are great examples.

How does logistics impact your sales?

Your customers spend time browsing your website, exploring the pages, choosing a product. But often, they drop out of the shopping cart at the final step. Do you know why? The crucial step of the basket

During their shopping journey, consumers may encounter blocking points such as a lack of visibility related to delivery, a basket price that increases after adding delivery costs or uncertainty about in-stock availability.

Even if shopping cart abandonment is a frequent behavior (about 68.5% of consumers do not proceed to the checkout stage according to Baymard Institute), this issue that directly impacts e-merchants' turnover can be minimized. How can it be minimized? By adopting simple and effective optimization levers:

  • Indicate all the necessary information for your consumers' peace of mind: delivery times and dates, return or refund options...

  • Give your customers the choice: choose a delivery slot, the type of delivery (express, standard or relay), the type of packaging...

  • Ensure that the solution in place synchronizes inventory to avoid short-term shortages and deliveries delayed by three months.

  • Communicate upstream on delivery guarantees, on the homepage, the product page and throughout the purchasing process.


A globalized customer experience

As an e-merchant, you don't always control the entire supply chain. You often rely on a logistician and/or a carrier to deliver your orders. This lack of control can lead to an imbalance.

In fact, the best user experience on your site will be useless if the carrier does not match your quality criteria. For example: if you offer specific delivery slots, make sure the carrier will respect them. 

Here again, some options are available to you:

  • Choose a carrier based on your (and your customers') expectations by asking the right questions: is the target sales area covered? Is the carrier flexible? Does it have CSR objectives?

  • Establish a follow-up relationship with your carrier. This is a good practice that helps you to better deal with lost or blocked packages and complaints. 

Conquering the hearts of your customers: a logistics partner that is up to the task

The choice of your logistics partner is important: it allows you to be well surrounded in your global satisfaction approach but also to distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

The right partner to make you stand out

How can you meet the demand for fast, ecological and transparent e-commerce delivery? By choosing the right e-commerce logistics partner

  • Cubyn offers unique guarantees on the market for your consumers, such as a refund of up to €1,000 and €6 compensation in case of delay.

  • Its optimized tracking platform allows your customers to control the delivery of their packages.

  • Cubyn is the only e-commerce delivery partner that takes its ecological commitment to the extreme: delivery without packaging.


A reliable and transparent partner

Cubyn offers you one of the best delivery success rates for your consumers: packages are delivered on time and quickly. And that's not all:

  • A networked approach which allows Cubyn to cover all stages from the order to the last mile. This ensures optimal traceability.

  • Cubyn uses technology to drive efficiency: warehouse automation to reduce the time from order to shipment, intelligent carrier selection based on industry and performance, and reduced problem resolution time...

A partner that supports your growth

Logisticians and carriers are key players in your growth. Cubyn will help you achieve your desired level of activity with peace of mind.

The proof? Cubyn customers testify:

"Eve and Co has experienced tremendous growth since the launch of our e-shop. Of course, the Cubyn team has played an important role since they manage absolutely all the shipments of our packages. If the delivery was not optimal, we would have difficulty evolving.”

Finally, because an e-commerce business can fluctuate, Cubyn works without commitment and on demand to adapt as closely as possible to your realities.

You have the opportunity to grow your business by offering your customers an innovative experience and e-commerce delivery that meets their expectations. To do this, choose a logistics partner you can trust, one that is committed to knowing you and putting the end customer at the center of its concerns. Cubyn brings you its expertise to help you grow your business!

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