Essential criteria to consider while choosing your e-commerce logistics provider

Essential criteria to consider while choosing your e-commerce logistics provider

Discover our advices in order to chose your partner efficiently and succeed in e-commerce.

The basics of a good outsourcing of your e-commerce logistics in 5 points

The image of your brand depends on the quality of the services provided: 1 in 3 customers will not recommend a shop if they are not satisfied. This satisfaction depends on the choice of your e-commerce logistics provider: a successful partnership will enable you to build customer loyalty. On which elements do you base your choice of e-commerce service provider?

The reliability of your partner

The first factor in the success of your partnership: reliability. Outsourcing the logistics of your e-commerce must allow you to work calmly on your brand image, your future products and your marketing. You must therefore be able to fully rely on your service provider, from the receipt of goods to the management of any returns, including transport, shipping and storage: your service provider must offer you logistics solutions adapted to your business.

The logistics platform to which you delegate activities should :

  • meet your expectations;

  • respect your deadlines;

  • inform you of any defects when goods arrive;

  • manage your stocks conscientiously;

  • offer you logistic solutions adapted to the development of your activity.

The expertise of your e-commerce service provider

Practice makes perfect. The more experience your partner has in logistics, the better his service will be. Find out about the expertise of your e-commerce logistics provider, its past and current missions. Managing the storage of goods, transport and shipments in a warehouse cannot be improvised: the more experienced your partner is, the better his services will be. Don't hesitate to ask him directly: a professional who is comfortable with his answers is a guarantee of experience. Ideally, they should be familiar with WMS and APIs: this shows that they know their business and are using the best tools to succeed.

Also look for customer feedback: if other e-merchants are satisfied, why wouldn't you be? However, remember to compare your project and your expectations with those of previous clients: from one e-commerce to another, expectations can vary considerably.

Clearly defined rates for outsourcing your e-commerce logistics

Good accounts make good friends. Outsourcing your logistics activities has a cost: your provider must be completely transparent about his offer. Do not hesitate to compare the different offers and get an idea of the market prices: a low price is rarely a sign of quality. On the other hand, high prices will not guarantee you a quality service. However, it is important to understand the cost of outsourcing your logistics in order to better negotiate with your provider. A reliable e-commerce logistics provider will be comfortable with their rates, your requests and negotiations: this is part of their expertise. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Proximity or better: quality support anywhere in the world

When looking for an e-commerce logistics provider, we often think of proximity. The possibility of maintaining a direct relationship is reassuring. However, many companies, such as Cubyn, can also support you remotely: your stocks are centralised and operations are carried out with the same reliability.

The main advantage of such logistics service providers is their adaptability: they are used to offering logistics solutions tailored to each customer, and storage, transport and dispatch will hold few secrets for them, regardless of your location. This is in contrast to an e-commerce logistics provider who is only used to one sector...

The quality of a service provider does not depend on its geographical proximity, but on the proximity of your values to its own.

Various delivery options for your customers

In France, 1 in 6 people have their goods delivered by Mondial Relay: if your service provider does not offer this service, almost two thirds of your customers will leave. It is essential that your service provider offers a variety of deliveries, which can meet the needs of all your customers. This aspect must be taken into account: don't forget that the survival of your business depends on the satisfaction of your customers.

A good e-commerce logistics provider in the Paris region?

Adapting to the urban jungle: adapted e-commerce logistics solutions

Being an e-commerce logistics provider in the Ile de France region means adapting to the Parisian urban landscape. Fast, quality deliveries are rarer in Paris than in the rest of France. Fast, quality deliveries are rarer in Paris than in the rest of France. In your partnership, especially if your catchment area is around Paris, you should consider your e-commerce provider's experience with this region as distinct from the rest of France.

Deliver quickly with B2C

If your e-commerce business is aimed exclusively at private individuals, it is in your interest to look for a B2C service provider. Accustomed to providing services to private individuals, they will naturally be used to personalising parcels, making deliveries in small, careful quantities, giving the best possible parcel tracking to your customers and therefore satisfying them.

In the B2C world, simple and clear communication is the key to success. Simplifying, tracking and explaining are skills that your B2C partner will have learned in the course of his or her business.

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