Cubyn is committing to greener logistics: discover our environmental pledges

Cubyn is committing to greener logistics: discover our environmental pledges

Ecology takes a more and more important place and interest as environmental issues are growing, both among consumers and companies. 

While it is everyone's responsibility to be mindful of their ecological practices, e-commerce logistics providers are in the front line and have a particular duty to lead the effort in this field.

Consumers are themselves increasingly attentive to those aspects when buying online: according to a 2020 TwoSides study, 70% of French consumers choose one brand over another based on its social and ecological commitments.

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Packaging is a major axis when it comes to making environmental efforts in the world of logistics. With the boom of e-commerce in recent years, and even more so since the health crisis of 2020 (in the year 2020, online sales have increased by 32%), it becomes more and more critical to find and implement solutions to reduce the ecological impact of delivery.

The 5R's approach introduced by Bea Johnson in 2013 sheds light on the main principles to apply when it comes to waste management: Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle.

At Cubyn, we embrace this logic through concrete actions.

Using less packaging and reducing the use of plastics

We take great care to minimize the amount of empty space in our parcels by using the smallest box possible with regards to the size of the products in the order. To minimize this void rate in the most systematic way, we leverage our data in order to define the best fitting packaging mix and help the packer select the most adapted package reference for each order. Besides, 80% of our packaging is currently without plastics, and we use for instance flexible kraft envelopes instead of polyethylene bags in this same perspective.

Aiming for a no-packaging offer

We aim to go further with the goal of offering a delivery network that can operate without any packaging thanks to re-usable delivery boxes. 💡 By the end of 2021, 100% of packaging will be without plastics.

Reducing damage risk to lessen the use of packaging

Damage risk is one of the main factors that induces the use of packaging as it creates the need to protect a product through a large amount of supplies. We know that the likelihood of being damaged is directly linked to the number of handling steps of a parcel and that’s why we work to reduce the number of times a product is moved in the warehouse to a minimum by leveraging our tech

We also aim at bypassing big sorting hubs by directly injecting into delivery stations - 40% of our network already works this way, and we are aiming for more. For the most fragile products that still need protection, we have entirely eliminated the use of plastic supplies such as bubble wrap and offer a range of prep solutions based on kraft supplies instead (kraft tape, protective cardboard sleeves etc.)


80% of the cardboard we use at our warehouses is recycled cardboard and 100% of cardboard waste is being recycled.

Greener energies

Lower energy in our warehouses 

Because efforts need to be made at each stage of the supply chain, we are transforming our operating system with more energy-efficient technologies. As an example, we are replacing conveyor belts at the warehouse with light robotics systems. This system will use 3x less energy than the traditional conveyor belts.

Green delivery network

Transportation - and road traffic in particular - emits high greenhouse gas emission rates and are, for that matter, an important area of work for the logistics industry.

We are working with our transport partners to create a 100% electric delivery network - for last mile and middle mile - by the end of 2022.

Warehouses & landscapes

Unlike other logistics companies, we make it a point not to build new warehouses, or start what is called “greenfield” projects - that is to say building from scratch and developing on a completely vacant site.

We also give prominence to refurbishing & refitting existing spaces and respecting our landscapes when we open new warehouses. 

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