A complete delivery solution customizable at your needs

Use our proprietary fulfillment technology and network to deliver your clients with your own purchase and delivery experience

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Fulfillment Delivery

Parcel Delivery

Select the best delivery mode between standard, express and relay to deliver the best consumer experience at their door or in our network of more than 58 000 relay points across Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands).

Smart carrier allocation

Smart carrier allocation selects the best carrier to deliver to your consumers according to dozens of criteria such as delivery promise, quality, address or order value. Because each carrier has its own strength and weaknesses, this is the guarantee to always overperform the market by 10 to 30%.

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Order carrier injection

To optimize delivery lead time and lower loss and damages, our fleet of trucks directly injects in the networks of our carriers.

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Delivery issues management

Each carrier has its own processes regarding delivery issue resolution. Thanks to our smart delivery issues detection, we can proactively trigger actions to solve delivery issues. We also integrated the delivery issue management to refund you in case of delivery issue, whoever the carrier operating behind is.

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Advalorem option

When you send a parcel, you have the option of taking out our Advalorem insurance to protect the goods you are sending.

1% of order value, up to 1500€

Delivered not received insurance

You can ask for a additional guarantee to get refunded in case of parcel declared delivered by the carrier but not received by your consumer

1€ per parcel

Cubyn Delivery Proof

We can provide you a delivery proof (Paypal compliant) for any dispute regarding your deliveries

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Return delivery

Prepaid transport label

Offer a fast return experience to your consumers with our prepaid transport label that you can directly download from your merchant interface.

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Item identification, picture & storing

You are the expert of your product, we take photos, you qualify. Benefit from our service of 360° photos of your product to qualify your returned product. In only 2 business day, your product screening is available for qualification on your interface.

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Fulfillment Logistics

Item picking

With a capacity of 20 000 items picked per hour in our automated warehouse you have the guarantee to have a fulfillment solution that helps you grow. Our robot picking management system streamline the preparation of very high multiple items B2B pallets orders at an unbeatable cost.

Picking of first item free
+0.18€/item (more than 5 items of same SKU)

Order packaging

Ecological smart selection of packing reference to best fit your products and offer a delivery damage rate < 0.15%

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Order carrier labelling

Thanks to our own proprietary Transport Management System, we generate label of the carrier selected by the smart carrier allocation.

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Merchant Desk

Multi languages interface

Available in three languages - French, Spanish & English, our one-stop-shop platform let you manage every aspect of the fulfilment network including return address or customs information as well as benefit from our complete help center on all logistic processes

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Real time orders tracking

Track your B2B parcels in real-time from your interface. We aggregate and map thousands of different carrier events and statuses into a unique and harmonised tracking system of less than 200 events. You can also track all carrier returns when a delivery did not succeed.

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Delivery address display

Useful when your customer order has been delivered in a relay point

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As soon as an order is passed on your e-commerce website, all information are automatically retrieved to ship it immediately from your different sales channels (real time order synchronisation and tracking updates)

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Resolution & support (1h)

You can directly ask for resolution and help from your interface. You can also follow up your refunds & get them monthly on your invoice

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