Cubyn broadens its delivery offer with 'Cubyn basic’

Cubyn broadens its delivery offer with 'Cubyn basic’

As delivery is the number one factor in shopping cart abandonment - 84% of buyers say they are ready to switch to another e-commerce site in order to benefit from a delivery service that is better suited to their needs - diversifying delivery services is a major challenge for e-retailers, and can be a lever for customer acquisition as well as for customer retention.

A more affordable delivery option

The new Cubyn Basic delivery service enables e-retailers to ship parcels at an average of 15% less than the Cubyn Standard delivery service, which is already 30% cheaper than the market average. 

43% of French internet users say they have already abandoned a shopping cart because of excessive delivery costs. Such an offer can therefore be a real game-changer in terms of customer acquisition and retention for many e-retailers - especially for those selling very low-value items, for which a high delivery price is often a dissuasive factor for potential buyers.

💡 Good to know: despite rates averaging 15% lower than other Cubyn delivery methods, the offer is still eligible for volume discounts to help e-merchants save even more.

Greener deliveries

Cubyn Basic is also a greener offer! By definition, a faster delivery is a more polluting one because the trucks carrying the goods are usually emptier. On the other hand, a slightly longer delivery allows the means of transport to be pooled in order to increase the fill rate of the trucks and thus reduce urban congestion

Offering your customers more choice and flexibility in terms of delivery is a way of making them more responsible, by giving them the opportunity to have their goods delivered in a more eco-responsible way. 

Communicating on greener practices and having a reduced impact on the environment is also a way to gain more visibility and attract new customers, especially since 87% of French customers for instance would be interested in a greener delivery method.

A quality of service that remains unchanged

An end-to-end promise in 5 days instead of a D+2 or D+1 promise does not mean a deterioration in the quality of service: all deliveries made via the Cubyn Basic offer are tracked - the delivery information is available from a dedicated tracking page for the final recipient and via the interface for the e-merchant. 

As for the carriers, all of them are carefully selected and have already been tried and tested in that they are already part of the usual network of carriers used by Cubyn for the other delivery methods.

An in-house customer service department handles disputes as with other delivery methods, with the basic insurance package included in case of late, damaged or lost orders.

💡 More info on our pricing here.

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