Focus on the advantages and methods of selling on multiple marketplaces

Focus on the advantages and methods of selling on multiple marketplaces

What are the benefits of selling on multiple marketplaces? What are the processes and tools that can help you diversify your marketplaces? What are the logistics solutions? Discover the solutions implemented by Cubyn.

10 advantages of using marketplaces to sell your products online

What are the advantages of marketplaces?

1- Benefit from a high visibility

Marketplaces are specialized niches in the sale of products. With large budgets, they invest heavily in SEO and appear at the top of the search engine results thanks to their very high traffic. By using a marketplace to sell your products, you automatically benefit from this traffic and visibility. It is no longer a question of advertising. You are just called to offer good quality products and services. This is a way for you to save both your time and your finances. The use of several marketplaces means an even higher visibility of the items you offer for sale.

2- A wider audience

Amazon with its Seller Central, Rakuten formerly known as PriceMinister, Fnac, BackMarket and others are all market places. However, they do not have the same customer segments. When you choose to sell on several marketplaces, you can reach several targets at the same time and thus increase your chances of sales. It is important to know that some marketplaces are generalist while others are more specialized. 

Also, there are many vertical marketplaces and horizontal marketplaces. The former will focus more on a defined sector while the latter will cover almost all types of purchases and will therefore be generalist marketplaces. Of course, you will only adopt a vertical marketplace if its area of focus is the same as yours.

3- Open up more easily to the international market

If you sell on your own e-commerce site, accessing the international market can be quite complicated. Marketplaces, on the other hand, have a wide reach in Europe and elsewhere. They provide e-tailers with tools that allow them to duplicate their catalogs in other countries. Moreover, it is imperative that marketplaces that are extended to the international market offer the correspondence of products by official EAN code (European Article Number).

Most marketplaces offer quality translations of product references, which makes it easier to reach these international audiences. This is the case of Ebay with its WebInterpret.

However, when opening up to the international market, you must remain cautious about the new costs related to logistics. Otherwise, you risk losing points to the local competition.

4- Lower marketing costs

There is no longer any question of spending large sums of money to attract potential customers. You benefit from the reputation of the marketplace which has already put important means to attract a very large audience. Arrangements have already been made and many features have been put in place to offer a very good customer experience, build buyer loyalty and secure transactions. So you don't have to invest in all these things. And when you choose to use several marketplaces at the same time, you are at a greater advantage.

5- Assess the potential of your idea

If you are about to start a new project and you don't know all the details yet, marketplaces are an interesting way to test your idea. For a few weeks or even months, you can test your model through one or more marketplaces. In doing so, you will have a certain idea about the attractiveness of your business and will be able to make arrangements for the elaboration of the product sheets, the management of the stocks, the organization of the logistics, etc.

6- Many features - professional tools

In order to facilitate the management of your activity, the marketplaces provide you with a number of services. These allow you to optimize the management of your merchant account, to follow up correctly the accounting and also to improve your productivity. The proposed tools thus favor a better performance of your business.

Features such as newsletters, product sheets, advertisements, sales, catalog updates allow you to properly animate your online store and therefore make it even more successful.

7- Controlling acquisition costs

By collaborating with a marketplace, the latter recovers commissions on each sale you make. But that's about it! Except in the case of subscriptions, commitment periods or additional services, you are no longer required to spend money on the development and running of your business.

8 - Security is an important aspect

The platforms usually offer the management of storage and delivery of goods. Anything that assures the customers. The merchants are also paid in return. There is therefore a mutual trust between the buyer and the seller. To do this, the marketplaces have put in place anti-fraud systems that enhance security.

9- Outsourcing your logistics

A great reference in this field is the Fulfillment By Amazon FBA program. The platform offers to manage the packaging and shipping of your items for a fee. Cdiscount Fulfillment is another type of example of logistics outsourcing by a marketplace. By choosing this alternative, you have one less task to manage. Cubyn also offers an excellent solution in this area.

What are the methods to diversify its online sales platforms?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of marketplaces. And the turnover of the latter continues to grow. According to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD), the activity of French marketplaces has increased by 60%. France is one of the countries with the most marketplaces, with more than 100. In the lot, there are specialized marketplaces such as Zalando or Darty and generalist marketplaces such as Cdiscount or Amazon. Internationally, the situation is the same. Backmarket, Fnac, Amazon, Ebay and others extend their services to several countries. For online merchants, this is good news. But it is still necessary to be able to take advantage of several marketplaces efficiently. Selling your products on several online sales platforms is good. But you should know that it can be very time consuming. From updating inventory to managing customer service to processing orders on different platforms, you can quickly find yourself out of energy. How can you quickly distribute your catalogs to a large number of marketplaces at the same time? The solution is marketplace managers. These are tools developed in the form of online software to make life easier for merchants who have chosen to publish their products on several online sales platforms. With such tools, your catalog can be easily and quickly published on the different marketplaces of your choice. 5 big advantages of using marketplace management tools 

  • 1. Centralization of your orders: you have the possibility to process your orders in a grouped way on all the platforms.

  • 2. Automatic inventory adjustment: as soon as a product is sold on a platform, the adjustment is directly made on the others.

  • 3. All inventories in one place: a stock update is directly reflected on all your sales platforms.

  • 4. The possibility to synchronize the software with your e-commerce: if you have a personal sales site, you can connect it to the software so that all the orders can be sent to it.

  • 5. Price optimization: you can improve your competitiveness by adjusting prices in line with commissions, margins and competitive offers.

The most popular management tools

The most well-known of the solutions that currently exist are:

  • Iziflux

  • Sellermania

  • Lengow

  • Neteven

  • Diatly

The above solutions allow a gathering of your businesses or stores on sales platforms. In general, you benefit from sales statistics and other information allowing you to evaluate the performance of your e-commerce. The functionalities offered vary from one tool to another however. A synchronization is made with your business to save you time.

The 5 keys to successfully selling on marketplaces

You must develop a strategy that emphasizes the following:

  • 1. The customer service

  • 2. Competitive prices

  • 3. A large enough offer

  • 4. Automated marketplace management

  • 5. A well managed logistics

Cubyn's Fulfillment offering: the ultimate logistics solution

The success of your online business depends on excellent inventory management. Products must be available and their delivery must be efficient. You must therefore opt for a solution that allows for good customer satisfaction.

Some marketplaces offer solutions for managing deliveries. However, the services offered by these marketplaces, even if they are quite interesting, can have some drawbacks. And this is where Cubyn's offer stands out in the ultimate way.

Thanks to an agnostic approach, Cubyn offers the same quality of service for all CMS and all marketplaces.

Cubyn's Fulfillment offering provides real-time inventory updates for the products you sell on marketplaces. Thanks to the extensive use of data at the heart of the entire process, you can optimize all logistics processes, from order preparation to packaging and customer service management to shipping.

Ship with Cubyn and improve your sales!

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