Customer Success Story: consumers are "bluffed by the speed" of shipping thanks to Cubyn

Customer Success Story: consumers are "bluffed by the speed" of shipping thanks to Cubyn

Matthieu, founder and manager of a company in the publishing industry founded in 2012 and a Cubyn customer for a year and a half, tells us about his collaboration with Cubyn.


Historically, the merchant used Amazon FBA to manage the logistics of his e-shop - a situation that was satisfactory, but which also had its share of constraints. 

Matthieu describes the difficulties of receiving stock, for which appointments must be made, and which require very specific labeling and preparation, creating a lot of friction. Working with Amazon FBA also generates confusion and frustration among its customers, who are surprised to order from an e-commerce site to receive an Amazon branded box.

If these few issues are surmountable for Matthieu, it's the covid-19 crisis that really triggers the brand: faced with the exponential volumes generated by the lockdown and the need for prioritization, Amazon is no longer able to ship products or to put them in stock. To address the emergency, Matthieu and his team were forced to deal with their logistics in-house and to handle their orders shipping internally. This chaotic organization prompted the teams to look for a new service provider.

At the same time, Matthieu has a new awareness: it is becoming more and more important for him to avoid Amazon, especially from an ethical standpoint - a trend he also observes more and more among his customers.


Service simplicity and fluidity in exchanges

Matthieu then started a benchmark and spontaneously contacted Cubyn after some research on the web.

What struck Matthieu at first sight was how easy it was to find information on the website, especially with the online price simulator, which allowed him to find his way quickly and transparently through pricing. 

Matthieu also insists on the simplicity and fluidity of communication with Cubyn. After his contact request, he was quickly put in touch with Pierre - Senior Account Executive at Cubyn - with whom, according to the founder of the brand, the exchanges were "fluid, friendly, efficient and clear".

His choice quickly fell on Cubyn, which fulfilled all his criteria, in addition to a very advantageous quality/price ratio and simple and transparent price lists: "what impressed me was the simplicity, the whole process from A to Z when we start working with you is very simple and intuitive: account creation, stock supply in the storage centers, very clear and uncluttered interface."

The brand also values the Prestashop module that allows for an easy connection with their e-shop. Matthieu appreciates the support on the implementation of the module by an expert from Cubyn but specifies that "he could almost have used the module without training given how simple and intuitive it is."

Quick shipping and compliance with deadlines

The brand's customers are also very satisfied with the speed of delivery: Matthieu has noticed a big difference with Amazon. Since he started working with Cubyn, the e-merchant has heard from more and more customers that they are "blown away by the speed" of delivery and notes that this point is almost systematically highlighted in the brand's online reviews.

More recently, the brand has introduced the Cubyn delivery guarantee, which gives the consumer a 6€ compensation in case of delay and a refund or new shipment of the product in case of lost, damaged or incomplete package. Matthieu finds this service very innovative and thinks it can have a positive effect on his conversion rate. The impression of seriousness and reliability given to consumers as soon as they arrive on his e-shop is key - even if he specifies that in the vast majority of cases, the packages arrive in perfect condition and on time, and therefore do not require the use of this guarantee.

A team that pays attention to needs and that constantly develops new products

Matthieu particularly appreciates the quality of the interactions he has with Cubyn. Exchanges with his account manager are regular and the input he provides is always taken into account and followed by concrete improvements. His concerns as an e-merchant are taken seriously and Matthieu values the open-mindedness of the teams in finding solutions and adapting. Beyond a purely commercial relationship, Matthieu sees Cubyn as a real partner on whom he can rely to make his business grow.

As a customer for the past year and a half, Matthieu has seen regular feature developments that are very useful in the daily management of his business, as well as in the growth prospects of his brand. Among them, the possibility to create bundles for the shipment of his parcels - a feature developed a few months ago - or the opening of the warehouse in Spain which allows him to take advantage of Cubyn's know-how on this market as well.

This constant attention to needs, the flexibility of the teams and processes as well as the emphasis placed on customer satisfaction prompt Matthieu to talk to others as soon as he can about Cubyn, which he considers to be a "friendly company".


Within a year and a half, Matthieu has developed a real relationship of trust with Cubyn and feels supported in the development of his business. Since the beginning of the collaboration, the brand has also experienced strong growth, which it has been able to handle very serenely thanks to the solid partnership established with Cubyn. Cubyn's expansion to Spain also reassures Matthieu that he will be able to benefit from the same quality of service in this market.

On the consumer side, he has also noted a high level of satisfaction from his customers. On Avis Vérifiés - a French platform specialized in collecting customer reviews - the brand gets a rating of 9.3/10 and almost all the comments mention "very fast delivery", a success that Matthieu attributes in part to Cubyn.


« Simplicity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, fluidity in communication and friendliness are some of the words that come to my mind when describing Cubyn! »

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