How does Cubyn manage to handle the peak activity of all its e-merchants while maintaining optimal service quality?

How does Cubyn manage to handle the peak activity of all its e-merchants while maintaining optimal service quality?

In recent years, e-commerce has become increasingly important and buying on the Internet is now a common practice in consumer habits.

The health crisis and the lockdowns put in place globally acted as a catalyst for this trend: in just three months, according to a study by Kantar carried out on the occasion of Consumer Days, e-commerce has grown by 41% worldwide, or 22% for the whole of 2020. At Cubyn, the number of orders has tripled in three months.

With Black Friday and Christmas approaching, this e-commerce boom phenomenon is expected to intensify further and e-merchants anticipate record growth peaks for the end of the year. In this context, it is crucial for online merchants to be able to lean on a reliable logistics provider that can handle large variations in volume on a daily basis to ensure customer satisfaction during this key period.

At Cubyn, our mission is to accelerate the growth of our e-merchants and e-commerce in general. Our strength lies in the use of warehouse technology that makes it possible to handle fluctuating volumes with excellent levels of quality - Adrien Fernandez Baca, CEO and founder of Cubyn

Here is a brief review of our action plan for the end of the year.

Scalable processes made possible by the extensive use of technology in the warehouse

In order to be able to absorb large volumes of orders in logistics, anticipation and predictability are essential. Cubyn relies on technology and continuous data analysis to predict and efficiently process volume variations. This includes the use of algorithms at all stages of the supply chain: from the stochastic storage method that optimizes picking to Cubyn's multi-carrier logic.

This technological approach to logistics guarantees an optimal quality of service despite significant volume variations. Cubyn's strength lies in the replicability of its processes: regardless of the number of orders to be managed on a daily basis, the operational processes implemented can be multiplied as many times as needed to meet demand when volumes increase. Where some logistics players find it difficult to continue to support the growth of their customers or to accept new collaborations, Cubyn is able to follow its e-merchants over the long term, adapting to their needs and requirements - an ability to grow at the pace of its e-merchants that is greatly appreciated by them:

Cubyn is a tech company that is always improving, it is a human-sized organisation where things are permanently questioned and challenged - Loïc Dibon de amOseeds, Cubyn customer.

Cubyn is ready for Black Friday and the Christmas period

A flexible and adaptable organization

As the peak periods - which are often decisive for e-merchants - approach, anticipation and flexibility are the key words to manage this end-of-year sprint as well as possible. Over the past few months, Cubyn has been preparing and many new measures have been implemented at the warehouse to be ready for Black Friday and the holiday season, including: the implementation of new weekday night shifts, making the warehouse operational 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, the opening of the warehouse on weekends and the massive recruitment of several hundred additional order pickers:

We are able to recruit and train new warehouse operators very quickly and staff them according to the expected changes in volume and activity peaks, which are measured thanks to the forecasts of our team of data scientists. - Pierre Flipo, Warehouse Manager

At the moment, more than 500 operators are working at the warehouse to absorb the ever-increasing volume of orders to be processed. As a result of the recently started Black Friday operations and the effects of containment, in just a few days, shipping volumes have tripled with 100,000 items shipped in just under 24 hours. Thanks to this great flexibility combined with the technologies developed at the warehouse, in 2019, more than 97% of the orders placed respectively on 20 December before 1pm (Standard delivery) and 23 December before 1pm (Express delivery) were delivered in time for Christmas. This year again, and despite a considerable increase in volumes, the promise should be kept.

Expanded warehouse allows for serene growth

In order to be able to support more and more e-merchants in their growth, Cubyn has recently undertaken the expansion of its Parisian warehouse (September 2020). Thanks to the installation of a mezzanine, the warehouse capacity has been multiplied by 2.5, adding 2500m2 to the total surface area.

These major developments only confirm Cubyn's ability to work with new customers, including during this year-end period, while continuing to guarantee new stock arrivals from existing customers without any limitation. The operational teams and warehouse are therefore fully prepared to support the growth of e-merchants and to move through what is expected to be the most sustained period that e-commerce has ever experienced - according to a Deloitte study, e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 35% over this year-end period in 2020 compared to 2019.

Cubyn plans to continue this growth in the coming year by moving towards greater warehouse automation and by continuing its expansion, especially internationally.

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