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Fulfillment services
 for growing e-businesses

Cubyn is the ideal growth partner. Our platform helps e-merchants spend less time taking care of their logistics while maintaining maximum control. Focus on developing your sales, keep your expenses under control and deliver to your customers on time.
Growing solo
With Cubyn

Improve your customer promise

Cubyn garanties same-day shipment of your orders, whatever the quantity or the destination. Benefit from the best available delivery standards thanks to our algorithms that chooses the most convenient carrier for your orders. Your customers are sure to receive their parcels on time. Get delivery times from the lowest available on the market.

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Your logistics made simple

Cubyn aggregates all the e-commerce logistics tools in a single interface. Expand your delivery potential by saving time on a daily basis. Import your products, sell and easily track your shipments.

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Understand your expenses at one glance

Because Cubyn becomes your single logistics contact, you don't need to compile your invoices to have an overview of your complete costs. Our platform gives you a clear and understandable vision of your expenses, and you can predict your costs for the upcoming months.

Benefit from reduced fees according to your shipments volumes

Cubyn offers reduced carrier fees and supports you throughout your growth. The more you ship, the more you'll benefit from our discounts.

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Reliable Inventory Management

Keep up with orders. Track how much stock you have available at Cubyn's fulfillment center and receive notifications when you need to re-order.


Your own customer support to solve carrier incidents

Our mastery of the entire supply chain enables our experts to rapidly point any delivery incident, which allows us to solve any issue promptly.


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